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1JZ Toyota Engine

The complete 1JZ Tuning Guide

So you’ve decided to purchase something with a 1JZ. Or you purchased a 1JZ, and you’re looking to drop it into your latest project. Either […]

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Smokey Nagata V12 Supra

Legends Of The Wangan: Smokey Nagata’s V12 Supra

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to write an article. This post revolves around the life, build, and career of the infamous V12-powered […]

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Wangan Midnight 930 Special

Legends Of The Wangan: The Yoshida 930 Special

As a prominent member of the Mid Night Club, this famous Porsche 930 Turbo ran countless trials on the C1 loop of Tokyo’s expressway. Rumored […]

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Le Mans RX-7 Okyama Japan

Long Lost Mazda RX-7 Le Mans Found In Okyama, Japan! Better Yet – It’s Getting Restored!

Gearheads, Rejoice! The year was 1982, and Mazda motorsports were condensing their race team down to a pair of RX-7 254i IMSA GTX Le Mans […]

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Pipetale Classifieds

Pipetale Lets You Research Your Vehicle History FOR FREE!

Introducing: The Pipetale VIN Research Toolkit! October has been an incredibly busy month for us here at Pipetale! We’ve gotten the opportunity to reach out […]

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LS Swap Supra

WHY Is The LS Swap So Popular?

From a Nissan 240SX to a Foxbody mustang, we see LS swaps go into just about anything that starts to give us issues, or is […]

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Pipetale Sugo Race

Monday Time-Killer: A Legendary All-Class SUGO Battle

6 JDM Legends go toe-to-toe, but who wins? If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, this might cheer you up as it did me! […]

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How to get free vin report

3 Ways To Research Your VIN History For FREE! (With Infographic!)

Like Carfax, but free: Well, whether you’re buying a new-to-you car, selling your current one, or documenting your current pride and joy as much as […]

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Four Door Corvette

BARN FIND: A 1980 4-Door Chevrolet Corvette?

Honestly, I’m at a loss for words. I was told growing up that I would learn something new every day, and today I did: A […]

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social stars Pipetale

HUGE: Pipetale’s “Social Stars” Update Gives Your Ride Instafame

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! I hope everyone has had a great day! We’ve decided to work hard throughout the day as dinner […]

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2008 Chrysler Sebring Pipetale

Milestone #1: $50,000 in business!

Congratulations, Pipetale community! We just helped close over $50,000 in business and sales! From gaining publicity, to showcasing transparency of the sale via our free […]

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Oddball JDM cars to import

Top 5 Oddball JDM Cars You Should Import Next!

Looking to import your next RHD vehicle? Well, maybe this will help! 1) Mitsuoka Galue Based on the same frame, motor, and transmission as a […]

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Need A Monday Pick-Me-Up? Here’s A Japanese Kei Car Race From The 90’s!

For those of us in North America that don’t know, the Kei Car is a series of vehicles that are quite popular overseas due to […]

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Car selling tips

3 Tips To Help You Sell Your Next Car

Trouble landing the sale? Well, lots of us have that problem. I’ve been buying, and selling cars personally, and professionally since I was twelve. In […]

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Now Is Your Chance To Own A Brand-New 1920’s Bently

1 Of 12 Reproductions With Toyota reproducing parts for the A70 Supra, Mazda restoring Eunos Roadsters, and Ford reproducing the 1960’s fastback, I’ve noticed a […]

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$10,000 GT500 2020

Thank The Car Gods, Ford Came To Their Senses

Let’s hope it stays there Jordan Bergeson, CEO of Pipetale.com The options are endless! Well, Ford has announced the 2020 lineup of vehicles, and boy, […]

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Pipetale Classifieds

HUGE Community Update: ‘Pipetale Classifieds’

First of all, I am incredibly excited to say that over the last three months, Pipetale has been developing more functionality-based pages & activities for […]

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What is Pipetale?

The benefits of listing on Pipetale.com

What IS Pipetale? First of all, let me explain what Pipetale IS, at its core. Pipetale has a goal of making VIN checks free by […]

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Check Engine Light Fix

Understanding OBD Codes

Oh no – A check engine light! Ah, the dreaded little engine light. Sometimes it goes away when we go over a speed bump too […]

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5) 1997 Dodge Viper SRT Being discontinued in 2017, the Dodge Viper holds an incredibly special place in our hearts here at Pipetale, however, it’s […]

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How many miles is too many on an exotic car like Ferrari?

We all dream big at one point or another. I’m sure once upon a time, you said something along the lines of “If I won […]

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The Dangers Of Sharing Your VIN

WHAT IS A VIN? “VIN” is an acronym for Vehicle Identification Number. This comes on every vehicle post 1954, where as prior they were identified […]

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Should you share your VIN?

Pipetale: A video, A series, A Website.

Pipetale.com’s origin story told from the perspective of the CEO.

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