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    Congratulations, Pipetale community! It took all of us coming together, hundreds of hours into coding, designing and conceiving the ideas, but we have engine version 2.0.0b rolling out as of June 5th, 2020! Before a complete 2.0 release, we are going to be tweaking the AJAX search system, which allows you to search for VIN histories posted on-site without also finding irrelevant information like blog posts, user profiles, and etc that may share some tags with VINs. Why is this so important? Well, version 2.1.0 will boast a refined, lightning-fast community classifieds section, allowing users to buy and sell cars, parts, rollers and more directly on Pipetale.com, giving them the option to share on multiple social accounts from one place like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!

    As for the changes behind Pipetale 2.0, we made changes the following ways:

    Section 1) User Experience

    From simplifying the interface, to a complete logo redesign, Pipetale has chosen company colours that help our users clearly define various sections of the web page in an easy-to-find fashion. With over 50+ pages (not to mention VINs, Posts, etc) and the database growing daily, we wanted ease-of-navigation for our sites users.

    Section 2) Write for Pipetale

    Are you an automotive blogger? Business owner? Avid car enthusiast? Well, you have the opporunity now to publish your craft to Pipetale! Create backlinks to your website to boost SEO by writing creative and engaging content and publishing it to Pipetale! All posts are going through manual admin approval at the moment, and if you have questions regarding the process please email [email protected]!

    Section 3) VIN Research Tools

    Before Pipetale 2.0, researching your VIN was confusing to some users. The page wasn’t clearly displayed, and the “tabs” system to keep people organized wasn’t as effective as we wanted it to be. You suggested, and we listened! Now, when you go to create a post for your vehicle, the research tools are clearly located at the bottom left of the page, allowing users to simultaneously peek into the past of their car’s history while they document!

    Section 4) Integration of Social

    We’ve made sharing your stories to social much easier without compromising security, and trusting any login API’s from third parties. Share your posts to social, like things on social media, and tweet directly from our pages without sharing your Pipetale data with a third party! Due to this policy, and respect for our userbase, we will not be adding a “Log in with Facebook” button in 2.0.0b

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