Over the lifespan of owning your car, you’re more than likely going to lose the shop reports, receipts, photos, and etc. By building a file hosted on Pipetale, your vehicles history will be well documented, and unscathed by the elements, building value by credibility!

When you pull a Carfax, or an Autocheck, you see a lot of information, but ordinarily, lots is missing. We give you the opportunity to fully document your vehicles, and tell the story from your perspective, as well!

Whether you fix cars from home regularly, or had to do an oil change in your driveway, you can document it on Pipetale with photo evidence to back it! This showcases credibility in your own skills, as well as documents maintenance history a Carfax wouldn’t show!

Whether you’re selling your car, parts, or looking for other car enthusiasts, Pipetale gathers car guys, girls, ferrets, and everything inbetween together in one convenient site!


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